Kirkland, Washington — (AP) — The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl 50 after a clean-up effort that was largely funded by a water purifying system that used purified water to clean up the stadium’s toxic contaminants.

The effort paid off.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that his team is making progress, and he’s hopeful the team will be back on the field soon.

“I think we’re pretty good with what we have going on,” Carroll said.

Carroll acknowledged the work of some other teams. “

It’s not going to be an easy road, but we’re going to keep working and getting better.”

Carroll acknowledged the work of some other teams.

The Arizona Cardinals have had a clean up effort for some time, but the team didn’t have the money to fully fund it, Carroll said in a radio interview.

The Seahawks’ Super Bowl win in Pasadena also earned them $25,000 from the city of Kirkland.

Kirkland Mayor Kevin O’Connor said the money came from a local donation.

He said it’s important to give back to the community, but it also gives a lot of people a chance to come in and help out.

“Carney said the team’s water purifiers were tested by a state agency and were deemed safe for use.

He said the system was installed by a subcontractor, who is now working with the city to repair the system.

The team has used the system to clean out the stadium since Super Bowl 51, but in the past few weeks, the team has been working with city officials to improve the system, including installing new filters to remove contaminants.

In the past two weeks, Kirkland officials said the city has tested more than 600,000 samples, and more than 50 percent have found a significant amount of contaminants.

In a meeting Thursday with city commissioners, Carroll called the system’s success an “awesome example of the community doing what they want to do and making it work.”

The team plans to continue testing for contaminants, but is also testing its own water in the hope of eliminating contamination in the future.

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