When you’re water hungry: A water-hungry diet could lead to a water-scarce world

Water is a finite resource.It needs to be stored, purified, and used as a fuel for our cars, our appliances, and our homes.But when you’re thirsty, you might be running out of water.A new study suggests that people with higher levels of the mineral water-soluble pesticide, chlorpyrifos, are more likely to be obese and to suffer from metabolic syndrome, or […]

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How to use the pump at home with your home mineral water supply

A few years ago, I used to regularly fill up my taps with the coolant used to clean the pump.That coolant wasn’t as powerful as the water that comes out of the pumps, so the pump was constantly running.But when it got cold outside, the coolants became very cold, so it was very inconvenient to run the coolans constantly.So I […]

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How Fiji has taken over South Africa

Fiji has become South Africa’s top mineral water producer and is now the world’s biggest producer of it, as the country has emerged as the new face of the continent’s emerging global economy.The country’s mineral water was the biggest source of income for South Africa in 2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.The country’s exports to South […]

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