The word “magic” means something very mystical and mysterious, and that is precisely what this glass bottle contains.

It is a mineral water bottle that uses an extremely rare mineral called beryllium as its base.

The mineral is found in nature, in the earth, in plants and in the sky.

You can even find it in nature itself, as in this one of the largest crystal crystals found in the world.

The berylla glass bottle was created by a team of scientists from Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPIS) and has been called the most spectacular glass bottle ever created.

The scientists are not only able to capture the crystal as it forms, but also see how it reacts in the bottle, as it slowly solidifies into a clear liquid.

The researchers say that their berylemic glass bottle has already been recognized as the most beautiful glass bottle in the entire world, and has already won many awards.

Here are some of the best berylium glass bottles that you can buy.

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