By BuzzfeedNews | January 23, 2018 09:00:00A few months ago, an investment firm was hoping to build a mining company out of the rubble of a collapsed mine.

The idea was that the business would be able to operate in a clean, sustainable way, while generating revenue from the mine’s revenue.

But after the collapse of the mines company, the investment firm’s board members realized they had been robbed of their dream.

And in the process, they also lost the opportunity to invest in a sustainable business.

According to the firm’s investors, the mine had collapsed on the eve of a company retreat and was shut down for more than a month due to safety concerns.

The mining company was supposed to be a cash cow for the mining business, which is often the primary driver of the firm.

But as the mining company collapsed, the firm lost the ability to generate revenue.

It wasn’t just the mine collapse that caused problems for the investment company.

The firm’s management team also found out that it was being investigated by the Ministry of Mines for possible tax evasion, and the company had been unable to pay its debts.

The investors lost about $10 million in total.

It’s not just the mining disaster that left the investors devastated.

After years of struggling to build up the company, they had run out of cash.

The investors were also left wondering what they were doing with the money.

The company that they had hoped to build has now gone bankrupt.

But they can’t get the money back, and they’re still in a state of limbo.

After losing the money, the investors have decided to file a claim against the government of the province of Nova Scotia.

They also have started to collect legal fees.

The story is a reminder that the legal system is far from perfect, and sometimes it’s the business that needs the help of the law to keep going.

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