A new technology has been developed to reduce the risk of contamination from the water used to wash cars.

Key points:The system filters the water from the filters in your car and then delivers it to a water treatment plantThe filter can then be recycled for reuse or recycled to the groundSource:AUSTIN TIMESThe company behind the technology, Carbon Filter Systems, is a Queensland-based company that works with the city of Adelaide and its water utility to help ensure the water is safe for the community.

The company says the system can be used to filter the water and then deliver it to the local water treatment plants, reducing the risk that contaminated water will be pumped into the atmosphere and potentially impacting on local people.

Key Points:The technology is currently in its early stages and it can only filter about 50 litres of water a dayIt can also be recycled to a local landfillIf you have a car wash in the city you may need to use a different filterThis water treatment system uses carbon dioxide to filter and disinfect the water.

This filter will then be used in the future to treat the water in the community, as well as for its own use.

“We know that our local water supply is really a great asset to the people of Adelaide,” said James White, director of operations at Carbon Filter.

“It’s a fantastic source of clean water for us and we are proud to work with Adelaide Water to provide that water to the community.”

The company, which works with Adelaide water utility South Adelaide Water, said it has been developing the technology for a while.

“As part of our water management and waste management processes, we use carbon dioxide as an environmental disinfectant, so that’s where the technology comes in,” Mr White said.

“The carbon dioxide is the only element of the water that’s being used in our system.”

The filter uses a carbon dioxide gas to filter water to remove contaminants.

The carbon filter works by capturing water from a car’s exhaust and then turning it into a gas using a process called reverse osmosis.

The water then enters a tank at the bottom of the vehicle and is pumped into a condensing tank.

The water then returns to the car’s filter.

It’s this process that removes the contaminants and removes any odour from the car wash.

“If you put it into the water treatment facilities, you’ll be able to filter about five litres of filtered water a year,” Mr Whit said.

The Carbon Filter system can also filter a small amount of contaminated water from your car.

“Once you’re using it in the system, you won’t be able change it out because the water has been filtered,” he said.

Key point:The company’s carbon filter system uses a gas to remove the contaminants that can be found in the water sourceIt can then filter about 500 litres of car wash water a monthIf you’ve ever had a car washing experience where you were concerned about the water quality or how much contamination you were getting from your water source, you may be relieved to hear the Carbon Filter System is now in use.

The system works by using carbon dioxide and a carbon filter to separate out contaminants from the filter water.

The process uses carbon to remove odour, as it removes contaminants that may have already been present in the filter.

“When we look at a carbon filtration, we’re looking at the carbon itself and how it behaves,” Mr Brown said.

A Carbon Filter can be installed in your home or business and is only $80.

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