2.55pm: The government has issued an alert for tourists to stay away from the area as a precautionary measure.

The alert, issued by the Public Health Department, states that residents should stay away to avoid exposure to “flu-like substances”.

Tourism officials in the area are also advising travellers to wear masks, especially at night.

“In a public area such as the city, you should wear gloves, goggles and long sleeves, which would give you extra protection from the flu-like substance,” Tourism Minister for Culture, Tourism and Recreation, Glyn Ritchie said.

“The public should avoid going to places where there is flu-related illnesses or symptoms,” he added.

Tourism Minister Glyn Robinson says there is an increasing risk of the flu for tourists.

Tourism authorities are urging tourists to avoid going near areas where there has been an increase in cases of flu.

He says he is also urging people to keep a close eye on their health and that they should seek medical advice if they suspect flu symptoms.

Tourists are being advised to be extra cautious, especially during the summer months, when the weather is expected to be much warmer.

“If you feel you are not feeling well, please contact your GP.

There are also many people who are visiting the country and are also experiencing flu- related symptoms,” Mr Robinson said.

The health department says people should wear masks and be careful not to infect others with the virus.

It also advises those travelling in groups to stay at least 15 metres away from other people who may be sick with flu-type symptoms.

If you think you may have symptoms of the virus, call your GP or local health centre, or seek medical help immediately.

“If anyone is in an area where there have been cases of the influenza virus, they should be isolated and isolated to a hotel room and not allowed to contact anyone else,” Mr Ritchie added.

People who have travelled to the country from overseas are being asked to quarantine their homes.

There have been reports of people who have been in contact with overseas travellers catching the flu.

People are being told to keep themselves and others in their homes, and to limit contact with anyone they see or who they meet.

Infected travellers are being warned to stay in hotels and not travel to public areas.

Travelers are being urged to avoid public places and avoid all public transport and to avoid travelling alone or in small groups.

Local authorities are also urging visitors to limit their outdoor activities to walking, cycling, and swimming.

All residents of the city are being encouraged to remain indoors and keep their doors locked.

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