The Jerusalem Public Broadcasting (JPPB) recently launched a new mineral water service that includes the popular spa mineral waters.

The new service was developed by a team led by Dr. Yossi Weiss, director of the Center for Environmental Health at the Technion.

The service includes mineral water from four different spa brands.

In addition to spa mineralwater, the service includes the mineral water produced by some spa-specialty mineral water brands.

Weiss also explains that these mineral water can be added to water systems for a few cents a gallon.

“The price for mineral water is low, so you can use it as an economical, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to water,” Weiss told the JPPB.

“In addition to being a great source of mineral water and having a low cost, the quality of the mineral-water is very good.”

The service was launched on September 3 and the pricing is $3.25 per liter for water from the spa brands Petit Lola, Eloquante and the spa mineral Water, and $1.99 per liter from spa brands Aperol, Apera, and Pernod.

It will be available in Israel from September 30.

The mineral water was developed to be an economical alternative to traditional water.

In other words, it’s a mineral water with a higher water quality, which is a great alternative for consumers who are not as adventurous in their water usage, as it offers a much lower cost compared to other water sources.

In a similar vein, the mineral is a natural mineral water which can be extracted with a water-extraction machine.

This type of mineral can be used for water treatment, drinking, washing, and brushing, and can be purchased online.

It can be consumed in any kind of water system.

According to the J.P.

B, the price of the water is not comparable to water that comes from traditional water systems.

This water comes at a higher price and is therefore a much better option for consumers.

Weiss added that the mineral waters are safe for the skin and are not known to cause skin irritation or damage.

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