The bottled mineral water has become a staple of the European market, with sales of bottled mineral waters soaring from €8.80 in 2014 to €18.30 in 2019.

It is the first time a bottled mineral is sold on the continent.

“With a good supply of water from Slovakia, it’s very easy to buy, because we have the same supply in Europe,” said Oleksander Kucera, a trader with Russian Mineral Water.

There are also new products available to those who want to make their own.

The company has started to offer the bottled mineral product in Slovakia and Germany, but also plans to expand internationally.

It is also selling water products from France, Switzerland and Austria.

For now, the bottled water is mainly sold at petrol stations.

Sebastian Piatkov, from Slovakian Mineral Water, said that in Slovakia, the market for mineral water was very strong and there was a strong demand.

But the company’s customers are mostly in western Europe.

Some people want the mineral water to help with dehydration, or for the water to be added to their water when they are drinking, he said.

In Europe, water is the cheapest commodity, according to the German Mineral Water Association, with the price of one litre of water in Germany for €1.90.

According to the OECD, the price for drinking water has risen sharply in recent years, and is expected to rise again in the coming years.

However, according the OECD report, prices for bottled mineral beverages are expected to continue to fall, as demand increases in the western and central European countries.

Source: AFP

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