What you need to know about charged water

This week, we learned that the federal government doesn’t know whether or not the water is contaminated with a chemical called benzene.And we learned why that’s so scary.We also learned that, as of late last year, the EPA was working on a new process that would allow water to be treated like an actual mineral water.The process would require drilling […]

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When the world’s best mineral water is sold to Russia

An article published by the Wall Street Journal on January 16, 2017, highlights a growing problem in the world of mineral water.As part of the world trade, some of the most valuable mineral water in the US is sold by the Russian government to foreign countries.The article states that Russian mineral water supplies are sold at an artificially high price.This […]

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Which minerals are important to pregnancy?

article By Jennifer SmeenkThe Lad Bible is a newsletter for pregnant women.It is filled with articles, resources and information on pregnancy and family planning.The newsletter is aimed at women who are considering getting pregnant.Here are a few of the topics that were covered:What are the minerals that are most important to the body?What are the benefits of taking mineral supplements?How […]

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