This week, we learned that the federal government doesn’t know whether or not the water is contaminated with a chemical called benzene.

And we learned why that’s so scary.

We also learned that, as of late last year, the EPA was working on a new process that would allow water to be treated like an actual mineral water.

The process would require drilling holes into underground rocks to get water to the surface, but the process is only being tested on a small scale.

That’s the reason why the EPA didn’t say if the water could potentially contaminate other people’s water.

But, on Wednesday, the agency announced that it’s looking into whether the benzene is toxic, which would make the water potentially dangerous to humans and pets.

In a statement, the Environmental Protection Agency said it would be testing the water for benzene at locations across the country.

“Based on the EPA’s testing and the agency’s scientific analysis, we believe that the level of benzene in the water in some parts of the United States is reasonably likely to pose a threat to human health,” the agency said.

The agency said it’s also looking into the possibility that other contaminants could be in the groundwater.

We’ve heard from many of the EPAs scientists who have been monitoring the groundwater for the past few months, and they’ve been saying the groundwater in certain parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and other areas of the Midwest is well above what’s considered safe for human consumption.

We don’t think the groundwater has a lot of benzenes in it, so we don’t expect to find any.

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