A new mineral water brand has been launched in South Africa, with an eye towards boosting the popularity of Baikal in its home province.

According to the South African Water Industry Association (SWAIA), Baikallium is a mineral water product developed by a subsidiary of Baixim Mineral Water.

According the WAIA, Baixin is now the first mineral water company in South African waters, and will become a leader in the mineral water market.

The company is planning to launch its mineral water products in the province in 2018, and it has signed up local suppliers.

The WAIA claims that Baixi has a “high-performing brand identity” and is offering consumers a choice in terms of price, quality and safety.

The brand name “Baixi” refers to the mineral element and is the name of a famous mineral water beverage brand, owned by the family of the late South African mineral water pioneer Rohan Baix.

According SWAIA, the Baixion brand is one of the highest-selling mineral water brands in the country, with a market value of $1.3 billion.

However, the brand is still not yet fully functional and is not yet sold in South Africans stores.SWAISA head of marketing and sales for mineral water Brandy Wiela said Baixis market value is “more than double that of other mineral water companies in the region”.

“It is also an opportunity for Baixism to get some new revenue streams.

There is a real opportunity for our brand to get more exposure in the market,” she added.

In terms of mineral water sales, SWAISA estimates Baixia has a market share of 30 per cent in the South Africa market, but has a very small share of the total mineral water markets.

“We expect this market share to increase with the arrival of Baikkal mineral and mineral water in the next few years,” said Wielan.

“The new Baixiomin water brand will make it even more of a priority for us.”

“We have been working with Baikali and we are really pleased to be a part of this collaboration,” said Baikala CEO Michael Hjorth.

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