Kanye West has revealed that his family will be making an appearance on his forthcoming album ‘I Will Be Home’ when it drops this year.

Speaking to Billboard, the rapper said: “I’m actually going to be on the album and I’m gonna be on it when it’s released, but my family will come back.

I’m like, ‘No!

They’re not gonna be there!'”

Speaking on the topic of Kanye’s son Jay, he said: “‘I’m gonna bring you back’ is not gonna come out.

‘I’m coming back home’ is a line that I think is funny.

I think I should bring him back to life, because he’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.

He’s just so talented and he’s just really humble.

He just wants to be in the spotlight, and I think he should be able to do that, too.”

Earlier this month, the ‘N Sync star shared a message on Instagram for the new album.

‘This is my new album and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,’ he wrote.

“I’ll be home when you come home, you know?

I’ll be coming back to my house and you will be back in my house.

And I promise you this, my boys, I promise this, this is gonna be good.

I promise it.”

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