Minerals used to clean water are also found in chateleons, which can be used to wash clothes.

Here are some of the things you should know about them.

source The Independent title Minerals in chamois, oxfords, goats’ wool and other animals article The Chatham House Centre for the Study of Natural Resources and the Environment has published a paper on how natural materials, including minerals, can be incorporated into clothing and the environment.

The paper, titled ‘A comparative analysis of the use of mineral-rich fabrics and textile fibers in different ecosystems and contexts’, looked at how mineral-based fabrics are used for the natural treatment of water.

It looked at the use in rivers, lakes, ponds and other bodies of water, including in the wild.

In addition, the paper looked at mineral-containing garments in the UK, US, Germany and Canada.

The UK was the only country where it was possible to find an exhaustive list of all the minerals used in various natural settings.

The report found that: “In addition to the natural elements, minerals can also be found in plants, animals and other living things.”

For example, in the Australian deserts, there is a mineral-heavy soil, which is known to contain copper and other minerals.

In Australia, there are many species of plants and animals that depend on mineral-bearing soils.

This article originally appeared on The Independent.

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