Anil, a farmhand, is now a rockstar.

The 27-year-old is the face of the Anand family brand, which sells mineral water bottles, mineral water jars, mineral drink cups, mineral glass bottles, and mineral water cans.

The family has long been known for its organic, natural ingredients, including fruits and vegetables.

The Anand brand is also selling organic rice, and organic vegetables and fruits.

The brand was launched last year, when Anil was just five.

Anil, who has been a farmer for almost a decade, has a reputation as an innovative product designer.

His innovations, he said, have helped to bring organic farming to the masses.

The company has a strong online presence and has a customer base of farmers, as well as business people and professionals.

“We started our business in 2015.

But we had to give up the farm in 2017.

We had to sell our farm to a larger family,” Anil said.

“In the process, we created a brand that we could use as a platform for other farmers.

We can use this brand to promote organic farming.

This is a real positive for farmers in India,” he said.”

People are using organic farming and selling the organic products that we produce.

But I don’t know of any organic company who has managed to launch a brand.

I feel very proud of what we have done.

Our customers have appreciated the fact that we are a brand, not just selling organic products,” he added.

Anu, the brand manager of Anand Group, said, “The organic market is expanding and our customers are buying our products because they have noticed the quality of our products and we are selling them at affordable prices.

We are also targeting the lower-income group in the country, as organic farming has a positive impact on their lives.”

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