Mineral Water, a subsidiary of the Polish company Polski Mineral, has entered into a joint venture with a company of which it is a subsidiary.

The joint venture, which will be worth approximately $300 million, is in the early stages, and a formal tender process is under way.

The new company will be the largest mineral water producer in the country, and is expected to have around 400 workers, said a company statement.

Polski Mineral will work with the newly formed company to manufacture and supply mineral water for various industrial sectors, and also for the treatment of industrial waste.

The company will also work with other partners and suppliers for the project.

Polska Mineral, which has a turnover of $200 million, has been producing mineral water since 2001.

The company had been producing water for the country for several years, but it began bottling its own mineral water in 2009.

The mineral water was made in a plant in the Polish city of Wrocław and it was sold to the public for $1.50 per 100 millilitres (mg) in 2014.

The first batch of mineral water arrived in the US in 2016 and has since been made available in several countries including Russia, the US, Brazil and India.

Polskas Mineral Water and Water Group has also been involved in the manufacture of mineral oil and other industrial products.

It has also become a major player in the production of natural gas, which is the primary liquid fuel for cars, trucks and other vehicles.

The Polish government has allocated around $10 billion to help Polish companies that face a shortfall in production of minerals, as part of a program known as MDR (minimum cost recovery).

Polski was the first company to be granted MDR loans under the scheme, and it has been given a maximum of $1 billion over the past two years.

Polish mineral owners have also been helped to expand their businesses through MDR funds.

In 2017, Polish mineral owners were awarded a total of $14.8 billion in MDR bonds.

The government said in 2018 that it would provide another $10.2 billion to Poland’s mineral and water industries, including MDRs.

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