article A mineral water maker has created an unusual, magical liquid that is apparently able to make water.

The maker, who is known only as “Hoodie” on the internet, said his invention could help people who are dehydrated or have difficulty drinking water.

The water is meant to be used as a drinking water purification solution and he said it was not the first time he had made a water purifying drink.

He has made water with honey and other ingredients before and said the water was made from coconut oil and palm oil.

“I was wondering if I could create something that has all the ingredients, but in a completely different way, to make it a really special, magical, water, so I can give people the experience of drinking water,” Hoodie said.

“So I thought, why not make this water?”

Hoody is also known for the creation of a super-sized bottle of water with a bottle of coconut oil, which is sold by Amazon for about $30.

Hoodies water bottle measures about two inches by two inches and is the size of a small wine bottle.

His “magic water” is supposed to help people with dehydration because it is made from palm oil, a staple ingredient in the traditional medicine that is a popular alternative to tap water.

“When we drink tap water, it’s really water that has been boiled and boiled for a long time, but the water tastes different,” Hoodies co-founder Jonathan Brown said.

“[Palm oil] is really good because it has a very slight sweetness and it’s not a sugar, it just has a little bit of flavor.”

But the coconut oil is really great because it’s actually really stable.

“Hoods water is so good because, when heated to boil, it actually has the ability to boil the water down to water, Hoodies website said.

He said his company has also had success selling a water treatment kit with the coconut water and honey for about two bucks.”

It is a really good product that is going to help with water and food issues,” he said.

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