Dasani Water is a water that is distilled from the natural minerals in the soil.

It is made from three parts of the mineral water: water, sand and minerals.

The minerals are extracted from the water by a process called “digestive filtration”.

The sand is then dissolved and the minerals are combined to create a mineral water.

The mineral water is then purified by washing it in mineral water and the water is bottled to make Dasani bottled water.

“Our water is 100 per cent pure mineral water,” Dasani founder, CEO and president Ajay Kumar said.

“In the beginning, the whole idea was to provide clean drinking water and there were many challenges and challenges but we have come up with a solution.”

We are a small family company and we are happy to offer our customers the best of our company.

“The water that Dasani makes is purified by a machine called a purification machine and then diluted to remove minerals, water and minerals from the minerals.

Dasani’s water is now being used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The water was created by a small team of people in India, who were looking to provide the country with clean drinking and sanitation water.

Mr Kumar said the company had been providing clean drinking supplies to millions of consumers.”

When we started the business, we thought there were not enough options.

We had to come up from nowhere,” he said.

Mr Singh said Dasani was the only company in India that was making the water at home.”

It’s an incredible achievement.

It has brought so much joy and happiness to people.

We have been providing this to people for a long time,” he added.


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