With mining in South Australia set to continue for the foreseeable future, new rules will come into effect to limit the impact on mining communities.

“We’re looking at a lot of opportunities, and opportunities we’re not going to be able to take advantage of,” said Nicky Wilson, CEO of the South Australian Mining Association.

Mr Wilson says there is “absolutely no doubt” that the mining industry will need to adapt to the new rules.

In particular, he says the industry will have to adapt their mining strategies, as they are already under significant pressure to meet the new limits.

It’s a situation that is getting increasingly challenging and we’re just not going for it, he said.

Under the new mining and mineral leasing regime, a mining company is given the right to operate a mine in an area, even if it is owned by another mining company.

However, Mr Wilson says the new regulations mean that mining companies are now under greater pressure to invest in their mining operations.

“[They are] being forced to invest,” he said, “because they can’t get that tax credit that they had previously.”

That means they’re having to reduce their workforce.

“Under new rules, the mining company will have the right of first refusal for mining permits, but will have no say in how the area is managed.

There are three main areas where mines will be able apply for mining licences, which will give them the right for up to 90 days to mine in, and for the approval of another mining licence.

A new mining company can apply for a mining licence for a particular site at a particular time.

Mineral mining will be allowed to commence within 20 kilometres of a new mining operation, and between 10 and 60 kilometres away from existing mining operations, with a maximum of 150 metres.

If the mining operation is to be in an adjoining area, they will need the consent of the existing mining company for that area.

The mining company must give the State Government two months notice if they plan to mine.

Previously, mining companies were required to provide mining companies with detailed plans for the operation before the licence was granted.

While mining companies could apply for up or more than a million mining permits in a short period of time, Mr Kelly said there were now restrictions that would mean they would have to comply with the new legislation.

It will be very difficult for us to do things that aren’t in compliance with the regulations.” “

There’s no way of doing anything in that situation without going through the processes.”

It will be very difficult for us to do things that aren’t in compliance with the regulations.

“Mr Williams says the Government is “doing the right thing” and has implemented the new regulation.

He says it is important that the new restrictions are applied in a reasonable way.

But he says that will require the industry to work closely with state and federal authorities.

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