How to find the best mineral water in Bhutan

It’s hard to imagine the country without the country’s vast mineral wealth.And it’s a good thing, too.Bhutan has a huge mineral wealth, and is home to one of the richest reserves in the world.Bhumen, the countrys capital city, has an area larger than that of New York City.The countrys largest river, the Brahmaputra, is the world’s largest, flowing 1,600 kilometers […]

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Giant mineral water found in Bhutan mineral aquifers

A massive mineral water deposit has been found in the Bhutan Himalayas, a geological formation that contains large deposits of gold, silver and rare earth elements.The discovery was made during a recent expedition by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey.The deposit is located in the Kumbu-Kuru Mountains, which is considered one […]

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