What’s in the new mining-related news

Minerals in water.Aeon is a company that manufactures a proprietary water filtrate for the mining industry.Aeon’s product, which they refer to as “Miningwater,” is the first water filter to be tested by the FDA.The company has partnered with the FDA to test its mineral water product for arsenic, lead, mercury, lead chloride, and other contaminants, according to its press release.It […]

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How to tell the difference between mineral water and rock salt

A mineral water container with a hole in the bottom that opens and closes when it’s filled or when it comes in contact with water is called a drum.A rock salt container is more commonly known as a drum-shaped container, and it’s the same thing, except that the hole inside the container is a hollow ring.You’ll see those drums and […]

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What’s in Boss mineral water?

Boss mineral waters are made from a blend of two types of minerals: purified and unprocessed.This allows the water to retain its freshness and potency while still being clean and pure.Boss water contains two types: the water from the river, and the river water.They are both used to produce the Boss mineral brand, which is used in water purification, as […]

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