‘I’ll Be Home When You Come Home’: Kanye West Shares More Songs About His Family

Kanye West has revealed that his family will be making an appearance on his forthcoming album ‘I Will Be Home’ when it drops this year.Speaking to Billboard, the rapper said: “I’m actually going to be on the album and I’m gonna be on it when it’s released, but my family will come back.I’m like, ‘No!They’re not gonna be there!’”Speaking on […]

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When it comes to water, India is getting thirsty

India is not only water-scarce but also getting thirsty, says a new report.Water is the most common water-soluble commodity in India, and the country has about 1.5 billion people and more than 200 million rivers, lakes and ponds.It’s also a major source of food, energy, fertilizer and other products, says the report by the India Water Resource Assessment Programme (IWRA).The […]

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