KARACHI: Sea water mineral water could be used to treat cancer patients

KARACI, Pakistan — A local government in the province of Sindh is planning to build a new water treatment plant to capture sea water for use in treating cancer patients.According to an official statement issued by Sindh’s government, Sindh-based company Pansar Resources has developed a system of “nanophotonic” water treatment and will soon begin working on a plant that will […]

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A cartoon-style mineral water drink is here, and it’s called SodaStream Synonyms

A cartoon drink that contains minerals, such as limestone and calcite, that are not found in a normal soda has made its way to the US.SodaStream, which is based in San Diego, is developing its own mineral water beverage, called Carton Mineral Water.SodaWave has been producing mineral water for years.The company says the new mineral water is “the perfect companion […]

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