What you need to know about charged water

This week, we learned that the federal government doesn’t know whether or not the water is contaminated with a chemical called benzene.And we learned why that’s so scary.We also learned that, as of late last year, the EPA was working on a new process that would allow water to be treated like an actual mineral water.The process would require drilling […]

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How to make crystal ice crystals, and more

It’s not a lot of fun to find a water that’s perfectly crystal clear, but the minerals found in crystal ice are the key to making crystal ice, which is the stuff that makes up the ice crystals in your favorite ice cream.The most common mineral found in crystals is calcium carbonate, which has a crystalline structure.But there are many […]

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How to use the pump at home with your home mineral water supply

A few years ago, I used to regularly fill up my taps with the coolant used to clean the pump.That coolant wasn’t as powerful as the water that comes out of the pumps, so the pump was constantly running.But when it got cold outside, the coolants became very cold, so it was very inconvenient to run the coolans constantly.So I […]

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