When a mineral water business goes under

By BuzzfeedNews | January 23, 2018 09:00:00A few months ago, an investment firm was hoping to build a mining company out of the rubble of a collapsed mine.The idea was that the business would be able to operate in a clean, sustainable way, while generating revenue from the mine’s revenue.But after the collapse of the mines company, the investment firm’s […]

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How to make a ice cream bar using minerals

When it comes to ice cream, the ingredients have to work together.In the case of mineral water bars, it’s the ice cream ingredients, like mineral water and ice chips, that make them a perfect pairing.If you can’t find mineral water at your local grocery store, you can buy it online.They are usually the most popular ice cream flavors at ice […]

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Veritas mineral waters: ‘Aachi is our home’

Anita Jha, the executive director of the Centre for Environment, Science and Environment (CESEE), a Mumbai-based non-governmental organisation that supports the mining of Himalayan minerals, said that while the water is not a threat to the ecosystem, it is not suitable for drinking.“We cannot allow the water to be pumped through the mine because it is too salty.But I think […]

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