Minerals are changing our world, scientists say

The world’s mineral water is the most abundant source of water in the world, but scientists are warning that it’s changing our planet.The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says that mineral water has been “a major driver” of the Earth’s climate, ocean, food supply and biodiversity.It says that the global increase in water use is “disrupting” ecosystems and threatening the […]

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When the world’s best mineral water is sold to Russia

An article published by the Wall Street Journal on January 16, 2017, highlights a growing problem in the world of mineral water.As part of the world trade, some of the most valuable mineral water in the US is sold by the Russian government to foreign countries.The article states that Russian mineral water supplies are sold at an artificially high price.This […]

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How to stop the mining industry

A mining industry-funded company has been ordered to pay more than $1.1 million to a mining activist and environmental group, following a case against the company in the High Court.The court ordered Mineral Water Scotland to pay the $1,000-a-month maintenance bill to the activist and the environmental group Mining Watch Alliance, which has been investigating the company.In July last year, […]

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