What you need to know about charged water

This week, we learned that the federal government doesn’t know whether or not the water is contaminated with a chemical called benzene.And we learned why that’s so scary.We also learned that, as of late last year, the EPA was working on a new process that would allow water to be treated like an actual mineral water.The process would require drilling […]

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Indus mineral waters – Homemade mineral waters

Homemade Mineral Water has been created with a focus on simplicity and the most affordable mineral water available.The new range includes a range of mineral waters ranging from natural minerals to synthetic minerals.Indus mineralwaters are a new category that has been designed for home use, but the mineral water category is not restricted to home use.In fact, it can be […]

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Water minerals, charged water and what’s up with drinking mineral water

A new study from New Scientist has found that water minerals are a lot more abundant in water than previously thought.The research suggests that the way in which water is distributed around the planet could explain why it has so much more mineralized water than the rest of the planet.Water minerals are very common minerals found in rocks, lakes, oceans […]

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