Why I’m Against Coal-Fuels in the Energy Sector

A recent survey by the American Conservative found that 57% of voters oppose the use of coal-fired power plants.This includes 63% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats and 79% of independents.These results, combined with the fact that only 36% of Americans think that coal is a “critical part of our energy mix,” are the reason that coal has lost its status […]

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How to Save $60/year on Your Water in 2018

The Federal Government’s Water Protection Act (WPAA) has been in place for about 20 years, but it’s still a major source of uncertainty for Americans.There’s been an increase in water conservation projects, but so far, only a few states have adopted any of the new guidelines.And as with many conservation projects that fail to succeed, there’s no clear evidence that […]

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How to use the pump at home with your home mineral water supply

A few years ago, I used to regularly fill up my taps with the coolant used to clean the pump.That coolant wasn’t as powerful as the water that comes out of the pumps, so the pump was constantly running.But when it got cold outside, the coolants became very cold, so it was very inconvenient to run the coolans constantly.So I […]

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