Why it costs more to pay a lockhills miner than to pay for a tap

An average miner, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, will make about $25,000 in annual paychecks — about $9,000 more than a typical homeowner.But the average miner in Lockhills, Florida, won’t get a chance to cash in that much more in retirement.Lockhamps’ average retiree will make $45,000 to $50,000 a year, compared with $30,000 for homeowners.The county is home to […]

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Mineral water company to take on ‘pandal’ industry

Mineral Water, a subsidiary of the Polish company Polski Mineral, has entered into a joint venture with a company of which it is a subsidiary.The joint venture, which will be worth approximately $300 million, is in the early stages, and a formal tender process is under way.The new company will be the largest mineral water producer in the country, and […]

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