‘Water purification is now so easy that you could buy a washing machine for every water filtration machine in your house’

A new article in the New Scientist argues that water purification technology is becoming so common that the idea of using a water filter to filter out pollutants is a distant memory.The article suggests that it might be a good idea to make sure you’re not using one of those water filters in your kitchen, bath, or bathroom, rather than […]

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Suntory to sell more than 50% of stake in its mineral water brand

Suntry will sell more of its mineral waters brand and consolidate its stake in the luxury brand, the company said on Tuesday, in a move aimed at taking the focus away from the brand’s controversial “bounty” system.The announcement comes amid a global backlash over the “barker” program, which rewards people for posting negative comments about the brand.Suntury was one of […]

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