How to Get More Tequila for Less at your Favorite Bars

Tequila is a great addition to your cocktail but it’s not as common as it once was, and that’s because it’s becoming more expensive.But you can get a better deal at your favorite bars by drinking a few ounces of tequila in your glass, which could save you money.The best tequila bars offer you the most for your money, according […]

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How to Drink Water With Tequila Mineral Water

If you’re a tequila drinker and have a water source that doesn’t require a lot of effort, you may be tempted to add water to your drinks to keep it fresh and tasty.However, if you’re looking to avoid using up precious minerals and chemicals in the water you drink, you should stick with water that has been distilled or bottled.Tequila […]

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