Which is better for mineral water?

The Czech Republic’s mineral water market is booming, and that’s led to a surge in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Caspian Sea to the Czech Republic, where it’s being sold as CremorLab mineral water.But a new report published by the Czech Geological Institute and the Institute of Petroleum Engineering shows that LNG can be used to […]

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How to clean your house

Cheap, reusable mineral water is here to stay.Just make sure you have the proper tools.The new technology, called “volvic water” is designed to remove contaminants and odors from the environment and help to reduce the amount of pollution we create by drinking water.Volvic water has been used for hundreds of years in places such as South Africa and China, but […]

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‘A lot of water to go around’: China to produce water for the global population

A water shortage in the country is costing more than a billion yuan ($6.3 billion) a year, China’s top environmental agency has warned.The country’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) on Wednesday said that as the country’s economy has been on a slow recovery and economic growth has slowed, it was now facing an emergency situation to find new sources of […]

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